July 30

Yoga Studio Marketing Strategies

More people than ever have come to appreciate the centering and healthful practice of yoga. According to market research leaders IBISWorld, participation in yoga is growing at over 10 percent every year. 

This represents an excellent opportunity for you and your yoga business, however, the increasing number of yogis has also meant an increase in yoga studios and more competition for you. Independent yoga studios like yours have suddenly found themselves in competition with national health and fitness chains. In order to continue to thrive and grow as a business, you will need to take an innovative approach to your yoga studio marketing strategies. Here are a few of the ideas that can help you stand out:

Add Facebook Advertising to the Mix

Facebook advertising gives small businesses like independent yoga studios access to some of the most robust tools around. Advanced filtering means that you can target audiences as widely or tightly as you desire. The result is a far better conversion rate and a much higher return on your investment. By pairing paid Facebook marketing campaigns with organic content on your Facebook page, you can put your business right in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in your yoga classes.

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Create a Special Offer

Sometimes, it’s the looming specter of a long term commitment that makes it hard for someone to join a class. They’ll wonder, “what if I don’t like it? What if I can’t commit to come regularly?”

A low barrier to entry offer can help put a potential student’s mind at ease and make it more likely that they’ll come by your studio to give it a try. A few potential deals that could pique a new student’s curiosity:

  • buy one class, get one free.
  • a special “newbies only” low-cost class offered once a week or once a month.
  • one month of unlimited classes for a set fee.

Reward Your Best Advocates

Sometimes, the best yoga studio marketing strategy is word of mouth. Encourage current students to bring new friends to your yoga studio by offering bonuses for referrals. People who bring a new student could receive a free class or a discount on a block of future classes. You can also show your appreciation with free branded merchandise such as water bottles or workout towels. As a bonus, these small items continue to work as advertisements for you. The more that potential students see your name and logo, the more familiar your yoga studio’s brand will seem.

Offer Fun and Unusual Class Options

If every yoga studio in your area is offering the same classes, it can be hard for your studio to stand out from the crowd. Look at what you can do differently to fulfill an unmet need in your local community. For instance, a yoga studio in an area with many young, outgoing professionals may wish to offer yoga and beer nights at a local brewery. If your area has a large older population, offering classes created specifically for those with decreased mobility can be a winner. Other unusual and innovative class ideas include:

  • Aerial yoga classes at various levels. Classes can range from basic no-gravity offerings for beginners to advanced aerial dance techniques.
  • Yoga and animal encounters. A number of studios have gone viral with videos from goat yoga classes. Offering a local class that brings yoga students together with animal rescue and adoption events can get your studio extra attention while giving back to the community.
  • Laughter yoga or karaoke yoga can each be just the tool for bringing in people who might otherwise be too self-conscious to try out a yoga class.

Increase Your Social Media Reach

Your yoga studio should have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms that your ideal members are using, such as SnapChat and Pinterest. Update regularly with engaging imagery and useful advice to help current students get more out of their practice. You can also draw new people in on platforms like Instagram by using highly popular hashtags in your posts. Additionally, consider creating a unique tag specifically for your studio. Students can tag you in their posts, bringing members of their own social media audience to your brand.

Yoga Studio Marketing Strategies Summary

In the current highly-competitive market, daily attention to your yoga studio marketing strategies is more important than ever. By using a combination of different marketing methods, you can keep your studio at the top of current and prospective yoga students’ minds. Over time, the added attention increases the chances that they will come to check out a class or will return again to form a regular yoga habit.

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