June 11

Are You Using Email Marketing To Grow Your Fitness Studio

Opening a gym or studio is a dream for many personal trainers. But often they will fail due mistakes when trying to grow their audience.  The number one rule and most effective strategy to grow your audience is to grow your email list.

Mistakes To Avoid When Opening a Fitness Studio

Too often fitness professionals planning to set up their own gym or studio will make the following mistakes:

  1. First they will go out and find a space to work
  2. Then they will focus on getting the required equipment
  3.  Once everything is setup and ready to go, they will have an opening day; only then will they realize they need to start marketing.

What they really need to be doing is starting to advertise and market long before they even get to the opening stage.

By focusing on marketing first and then the rest later, you can build an audience of potential client’s way before you have even launched your fitness facility.

Look at the way film companies market their movies. You generally start seeing adverts from films about two months before the release date. What they’re trying to do here is create excitement.

Sometimes your will see an ad for a film even 12 months before when the trailer is released. They may have only shot 5 minutes of footage but they will use that to create a teaser trailer to build excitement and anticipation.

If film companies did this the other way around – release the film and then starting the marketing, they would not create a build-up of excitement. This would result in a decrease of awareness and number of people that actually go and watch the film.

It’s the same in the fitness industry. Your goal is to slowly build up feelings of excitement and anticipation in your marketing

So How Do You Build Your Audience and Grow Your Email List?

The best way of building an audience is by building an email list as part of a followup process. You can do this by using lead magnets, which is essentially giving away a report, video or guide in exchange for a leads name and email address.

With an email list you can create the excitement needed for people to gain interest and potentially sign up as new clients pr members for your facility.

Email lists are also one of the best ways to build relationships with potential clients to generate leads.

All you have to do is type away.

There are no limits to what kind of content you create for your email list. Simply make sure it relates to your business, and ultimately what you’re trying to sell.

How Often Do You Need to Email Your Audience?

If you’re only sending emails once every four weeks, and getting an average of 20% open rate, this means that only 20% of people on your list are seeing your emails when you send them.

If you were to increase the amount of emails you send, that percentage of email opens will increase. Meaning more people will see your emails, increasing the excitement and resulting in more potential clients.

Ideally you want to aim for at least one email a week minimum. This gives you the chance of gaining new potential clients every week.

If you want to go one step further, you can send a couple each week, increasing your chances even more. You can even do it every day, there is no limit to the amount of emails you should send.

Personally, I don’t really want to be sitting down every morning to write an email just because I have to, I’ve got to be in the right frame of mind.

Here at Active Fitness Marketing, we aim for three times a week.

We have found this is the sweet spot for us.

What Better Time to Build Your Email List Than Today

You don’t need a big audience list to start sending emails. All you need is one person on your list and you can make a start.

You need to start somewhere.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time to plant a tree is today.”

So, start building your email list today.  Start emailing even if nobody’s reading them, even if you’ve only got a few people on it.

No matter the size of your list, by making a start on your emailing, you’re only going to get better at writing. And like anything in life the only way you’re going to improve is to keep doing it.

We had someone come through our recently, he contacted us because he needed a website for his fitness business.

He told us he had been on our email list for four years!

My point here is that if you’re not collecting emails when people visit your website, your increasing your chances of losing visitors because there’s no opportunity for them to get on your email list for you to build up that relationship.

Email marketing is simply about building relationships. It’s about inviting people to get to know you, what you do in your business, and what your all about.

When you have built a relationship and a level of trust, you will have already increased your chances of gaining new clients and growing your gym or studio.

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