October 21

The Most Common Mistake Fitness Business Owners Make on Their Websites

Having a well-designed website with high converting sales copy is vital if you want to generate leads and boost sales in your fitness business. Have you ever considered how much your images and picture can determine the performance of your site?

Many fitness businesses are selling features instead of benefits. What I mean by this is that they’re selling their “Awesome Gym”, their “Clean shower facilities” and their “Top of the range cardio machines”.

The truth is that most of the time this doesn’t actually work.

Why Selling Features Without Benefits Is Doomed to Failure

When a potential client is considering joining a gym or investing in personal training all they really want to know is can they get the results they want.

Your potential clients and members want to know how you can help them achieve their goals while relieving their stresses, worries and pain points.

You should aim to show them that you’re the solution to their problems, in marketing these are known as benefits.

The Perfect Client Attracting Image

If you want to demonstrate that you have the solution to their pain and help them achieve their goals, then you should be using images of people who are just like the clients and members you want to attract. People they can relate to.

  • Happy smiling members
  • Clients enjoying themselves
  • People getting results

If you can show you are the solution to their problems, help relieve stress, pain, and worries, and your target audience see this, then you’ll have no problem standing out from your competitors and selling more memberships.

To maximise the performance of your fitness website, we recommend investing in a photographer to take professional pictures rather than using stock or low quality images taken on your phone. This will greatly increase the attraction while allowing people visiting your website to resonate with your clients in the images.

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