September 23

The Fitness Client Acquisition Journey

Back in 1971 a British zoologist called Desmond Morris published some work called the 12 stages of Intimacy in humans.

It was basically a set of 12 rules that were written in stone that had to be followed before two consenting people could get it on.

12 stages that start with eye to body contact, then eye to eye contact, and eventually ending with some horizontal bedroom action, as long as each step has been completed in order.

I’m not going to list all the stages but if you’re interested Google “Desmond Morris 12 stages of intimacy”

The big key here though for it to be successful is that they have to be  “completed in order”, even though how long it takes to move through the stages can be different…

But get this…

The exact same thing applies when someone considers working with you and your fitness business (or any business).

Here are the Stages:

1. Potential Client sees your ad or hears about your fitness business via a referral.

2. Reads a blog post or engages with your or your business on social media.

3. Subscribes to your email list to receive a lead magnet or something of value.

4. Makes a small purchase or registers for a (free or paid) trial or consultation

5. Attends trial or consultation and gets value from it.

6. Client signs up for your core membership and maybe even buys a high priced offering.

7. Happy client gives you a testimonial

8. Refer and recommend their friends to you (and the cycle starts again)

If you want to have a chat about how me and my team can help you implement the stages above just get in touch.

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