July 17

How Relationship Building Can Grow Your Fitness Business

You could be the best fitness coach in the world, but you still have to overcome peoples thought processes to get them to work with you. 

By growing your email list (which should be one of the first steps to attracting new members) you’re creating a platform to allow people to get to know you and your business.

Business Is All About Relationships

Building relationships with people is going to get them to initially contact you, and then do business with you or join your gym.

People aren’t going to come and work with you if they don’t like you or what you stand for.

It doesn’t matter what program you have or how good you are. If someone doesn’t click or they don’t like you, it’s unlikely that there’s any chance of them working with you.

I understand that there are PT’s and gym owners who are reading this right now who just don’t resonate with me, and that’s totally cool.

But there will be people reading this who 100% get it and resonate with me. They might even be thinking, “You know what, I really like these guys, I really like their approach and I really like what these guys are doing.

There’s a whole reason why we put out content like this. It’s just another tool or another weapon in our arsenal of putting ourselves out there. Like the same with our podcasts, our videos and our emails. It simply builds relationships with the people who are our ideal clients.

We get our ideal clients to like, know, and trust us before we actually get them to do business with us.

This is how a personal trainer or gym can get a ton more leads.

Build Your Audience and Then Test Things With Them

With any new service or idea we have, you should be asking your audience what they think. You can do this with email lists, Facebook groups, or just asking people face to face.

If you look at what Amazon do when they release a new series, they film one pilot episode. They did that with The Man in The High Castle and they probably did it with about 10 more at the same time. They then put it out there and ask their audience…

“Which one of these do you want to watch?”

And of course most people chose ‘The Man In The High Castle’.

By doing this, their audience made a decision for them. Amazon can then focus on creating a series of the pilot that got the most amount of votes.

They then look at how many people watch that series which is the deciding factor whether to produce series 2.

They are leveraging the fact that they’ve already got an audience that they can test stuff on.

Testing the market with small commitments. It’s a small commitment to watch a pilot episode, just like it’s a small commitment to sign up for a seven-day trial at your fitness facility.

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