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How Our Proven Active Growth Framework Delivers More Members for Your Personal Training Business


We’ll help you m get clarity on your marketing message, so you will stand out from other fitness businesses in your town.

Opportunity for Growth

Discover the hidden opportunities available for accelerated growth and increased members. Take back control of your marketing budget and be able to measure the return on all your ad spend.

Double Your Clients Plan

We’ll create a bespoke fitness marketing blueprint unique to your fitness business. This will consistently deliver more leads and clients.

Become Irresistible to New Clients

Craft a series of unique and irresistible offers to entice more members into your facility without offering crazy discounts and sacrificing long term profits for short term membership surges.

Be Everywhere

Get maximum exposure for your facility with our proven "Be Everywhere" marketing system. Finally compete with the big box gyms without the big box marketing budget.

Stand out From Other Gyms and Personal Trainers in Your Town

Have you bitten off more than you can chew when it comes to marketing your fitness business?  Maybe you tried to hire a marketing team on a limited budget and you didn't get the results you expected. You may have thought it would be easy, and you could do it yourself, but you have seen mixed results despite all your time and hard work?

We understand.

Marketing your fitness business and standing out from the crowd is hard, especially when traditional offline marketing is not performing as well as it used to.  In a world of Instagram and instant results it's vital that your marketing becomes more digital. It's vital that you have a predictable and scalable system.

The truth is that many independent gym owners have no real way of knowing what works and what doesn't when it comes to marketing spend, despite often having smaller budgets than the bigger competition.  Imagine what it would be like if you knew exactly how your current marketing spend was working for you?

You will know this if you are printing flyers or running printed media ads that deep you down you know no one is even reading, but you keep persevering anyway because the guy at the paper gave you a great deal off the rate card.

Generating a stream of consistent quality leads to help grow your fitness business is our passion and our super powers here at Active Fitness Marketing.

It is what we were born to do.

Many gyms and fitness studio owners struggle with this, but you don't need to. 

Our mission here at Active Fitness Marketing is to help your business grow faster.  When you know where your leads are coming from you will be able to see exactly what's working when it comes to your ad spend.  

Put simply we help you get more members, consistently generate hot leads and fill your facility faster than you ever thought possible, every single month.

It will be just like having your own secret marketing team but without the cost and hassle of hiring and firing staff.

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How To Activate Your "Secret" Marketing Team


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Active Fitness Marketing Success Stories

Nicole Ulatowski Nu You Pilates

Received More Leads


"We are so glad we choose to work with Liam, Matt and their team. These guys offer so much more than web design. They listened to what we wanted and why we do what we do and really took the time to get to know both us and our business before starting on the website. They even helped us with our Facebook ads and other forms of marketing which has really helped to get the brand "out there".

We were asked lots of questions and this helped us to work out who we wanted to work with and how to attract that clientele. We were also encouraged to consider what was unique about us and what we offer and this definitely comes across on our new website. Since the website has been live we have received more leads and even our existing members have commented on how brilliant it looks! Thank you for all your help. We will be recommending you to others.

James Hanley Revolution Fitness Dublin

They are second to none


The support and guidance I've received from Liam, Matt and their team is second to none, and they REALLY understand the Irish and UK market in a way other “fitness business” website providers do not. An IFP client doesn't just get a website, but a total marketing, Facebook, and new client generation plan too. Definitely get the highest recommendation from me.

Paul Mort Marketing Muscle Inner Circle

The only people I would recommend


The guys at Internet Fitpro are the only people I would recommend when it comes to building you a website that will guarantee you leads and clients for your fitness business. In fact I even use them myself.

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