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Success Stories

Doubled Her Income in 12 Weeks

Glasgow based personal trainer Saadiah Arfan wanted to earn more in her personal training business and launch her new online training program when she approached us for help. She could never have imagined being able to double her business in 12 weeks while cutting her working week down to just 3 days so she could spend more time with her young family.

Saadia Arfan
Personal Trainer

From Zero to 52 New Small Group PT Clients in 12 Months

I run a small PT business in Canary Wharf in London. I've been working with Liam and Matt for around 2 years

The biggest benefit for me is being able to convert people from website leads to cash in the bank in my business.

I've gone from generating nothing online to getting 52 new clients from my Accelerate Website in 2021

If you want to generate more leads and actually get more income in your business this 100% works really well

Noah Behdaoui 
Personal Trainer and Gym Owner

9 new 1-1 clients on a new pricing structure worth £3411 / month

A few months back Redha was working in a commercial gym on Merseyside charging £20 per hour for PT sessions (and struggling to get that).

That was before he and his wife Yamina invested in our our 90 Day program. Here's what he had to say

Before we started working with you guys "we felt alone and isolated as business owners wondering if other trainers faced the same challenges."

On not being sure if it would work

"What would be like being with other trainers. Would we feel like the stupid ones who didn't get it? Would I feel embarrassed on a call? Whether it was worth the money."

On how we helped them and how they found the process

"You created an atmosphere where we knew we were all there to get better at what we did...and provided us with the guidance and drive we needed to make our businesses better."

So what did Redha achieve over the 90 day coaching program?

"We have got 9 new 1-2-1 clients on a new pricing structure worth £3411 a month.

We are now about to launch a new bootcamp as our 1-2-1 is full."

And how has Reda's (and family) life improved?

"We work much more effectively and can make decisions that are better for our business.

We are much happier, calmer and excited for the future, also having our weekends and evenings free is terrific."

Redha Zertal
Personal Trainer