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Seo vs Facebook ads for your fitness business

SEO vs Facebook Ads For Your Fitness Business

Attracting new clients and members into any fitness business can be a challenging task. With so many different methods, deciding where to concentrate your efforts for maximum results can be confusing.  There’s a lot of advice online on the best methods for attracting new clients and growing a fitness business. Most of this works well, […]

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The most common mistake fitness business owners make on their website

The Most Common Mistake Fitness Business Owners Make on Their Websites

Having a well-designed website with high converting sales copy is vital if you want to generate leads and boost sales in your fitness business. Have you ever considered how much your images and picture can determine the performance of your site? Many fitness businesses are selling features instead of benefits. What I mean by this […]

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Attract more fitness clients by learning to read their minds

Attract More Fitness Clients by Learning To Read Their Minds

Have you ever tried to write engaging content to try and attract your target audience but didn’t know where to start? Fitness professionals often don’t understand what their ideal client really wants, which often results in missed opportunities to make sales and get new members. Learning Your Ideal Client’s Desires Can Increase Sales Dramatically This […]

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Client Acquisition Journey - Infographic

The Fitness Client Acquisition Journey

Back in 1971 a British zoologist called Desmond Morris published some work called the 12 stages of Intimacy in humans. It was basically a set of 12 rules that were written in stone that had to be followed before two consenting people could get it on. 12 stages that start with eye to body contact, […]

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How relationship building can grow your fitness business

How Relationship Building Can Grow Your Fitness Business

You could be the best fitness coach in the world, but you still have to overcome peoples thought processes to get them to work with you.  By growing your email list (which should be one of the first steps to attracting new members) you’re creating a platform to allow people to get to know you and […]

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why smaller gyms can beat bigger ones

Why Smaller Gyms Can Beat Bigger Ones Every Time

Independent and Small gyms have a huge advantage over big commercial gyms. However, many small gym owners try to compete with these big gyms, and that can cause a problem when it comes to marketing and attracting new members. The fact is that the big commercial gyms are not really your competition and you shouldn’t […]

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Removing Barriers

Grow Your Gym or Studio by Removing Barriers

The first transaction step in any fitness business is to get someone to take the first step towards reaching their goals. One of the best ways of doing this is by having a low barrier to entry offer. What’s a Low Barrier Offer? It’s a way of giving people a little push to make the first […]

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Email marketing

Are You Using Email Marketing To Grow Your Fitness Studio

Opening a gym or studio is a dream for many personal trainers. But often they will fail due mistakes when trying to grow their audience.  The number one rule and most effective strategy to grow your audience is to grow your email list. Mistakes To Avoid When Opening a Fitness Studio Too often fitness professionals planning […]

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How I generated new leads

How I Generated 2,547 New Leads for My Bootcamp Business

By the time I sold my bootcamp business to one of my trainers a few years ago it was turning over a decent profit of £3,500 per month (about $4,500) with for only 4.5 hours of client sessions per week. If I’m being totally honest I often wish I’d kept it and grown it a […]

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Yoga Studio Marketing Strats

Yoga Studio Marketing Strategies

More people than ever have come to appreciate the centering and healthful practice of yoga. According to market research leaders IBISWorld, participation in yoga is growing at over 10 percent every year.  This represents an excellent opportunity for you and your yoga business, however, the increasing number of yogis has also meant an increase in […]

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