Many Gyms and Fitness Studios Struggle with Attracting Leads. 

We Guide You Through A Proven Framework That Can Consistently Increase the Number of Members in Your Gym or Fitness Studio

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following?

​It’s Time to Level the Playing Field

Every gym wants to help as many people as possible achieve their health and fitness goals. But the lack of resources and marketing knowledge often makes it difficult for them to compete with the big box commercial gyms, with their seemingly unlimited ad budgets and inhouse marketing teams. We understand what it takes to get maximum exposure for your gym and finally level the playing field

Our Mission

Our mission at Active Fitness Marketing is to help gym and fitness studios create awareness of their services in their local area. To help them clarify and convey their message and include the unique benefits of what they do.

Once we do that we will endeavour to help them get their message in front of more of the people most likely to join their gyms by helping them get found easier online and by using the latest digital marketing platforms and paid social media ads to reach out to potential members and reactivate past members.

Our Team

Liam Thompson

The Big Boss

Matt Murphy

The Tech Boss

Michael Little

​Team Manager

Kelly Marie

​Social Marketing Manager

Our 5 Step Active Growth Framework for Your Gym


We’ll help you and your team get clarity on your marketing message, so you can stand out from other gyms and studios in your town


​Discover the hidden opportunities available for accelerated growth and more members


​We’ll create a bespoke fitness marketing blueprint for your facility


​Craft a series of unique and irresistible offers to lure more prospects into your facility


​Get Maximum exposure for your facility with our “Be Everywhere” marketing system

Our Story

Active Fitness Marketing was founded in 2018 by Matt Murphy and Liam Thompson after they had been working with Personal Trainers and Small gyms for 5 years to help then grow their businesses via their websites and generate leads using their digital marketing knowledge.

We realised that there was a lack of serious and affordable solutions for independent gyms and fitness studios that wanted to grow faster and compete with the big box commercial gyms. Fitness facilities that either didn’t have the marketing expertise or the resources to have their own inhouse marketing team or who were frustrated by traditional ad agencies lack of industry knowledge and what motivates people to buy fitness.

We constantly work hard as a team to continually stay up to date with the ever-changing world of fitness and digital marketing. We understand the struggles that fitness businesses have when it comes to steady lead and income generation. We understand the industry which is why we only work with Independent gyms, as well as fitness studios that offer group exercises classes, to help them grow their businesses faster.

In essence, our goal at Active Fitness Marketing is to help your business grow faster by feeding your sales team with a steady supply of hot leads and prospects ready to become members of your facility.

Would You Like Us To Create A Blueprint That Can Deliver More Members Into Your Gym of Fitness Studio?

​Our Core Values

Integrity and honesty

We believe that integrity should be the foundation of any business relationship, so we will only ever recommend strategies for your business that have been tried and tested and solutions that we would use (or have used) ourselves.

Professionalism and Respect

We promise to always be professional and respectful treat your business like our own and your staff as if they were our own colleagues.

Deliver Wow for Our Clients Through Results.

Optimism and Positivity

We believe that all businesses can thrive and when you hire us as part of your team, we will make that our mission.

​Committed to our mutual success

​Our commitment to helping you grow your gym or studio is based on doing whatever it takes to help you succeed. We always aim to under promise and overdeliver, because we understand that our success is based 100% on your success.