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Richie Doran Urban Fit Crew, Dublin

75 New Enquiries in Just 30 Days


When Richie Doran from Urban Fit Crew in Dublin wanted to fill his new Boxercise classes, he chose Active Fitness Marketing to help him hit that goal.

With our help Richie was able bring in 75 new enquires in the first 30 days alone and filled his Boxercise classes 3 times over.

Faisal Masood Personal Trainer / Boxing Coach

From £3k-£8k per Month in 90 Days


A few months ago Faisal he reached out to us for help after, like many fitness businesses, taking a bit of a beating due to the pandemic and the lockdowns of the last 18 months.

He'd worked with us before and was confident we could help him. I suggested he would be a great fit for our 90 Day Accelerate Program.

We worked on his growth mindset, helped him come up with a new offer and our team even did the techy work implementing our Active Growth Framework so he didn't need to.

The results?

Faisal has gone from struggling and stuck at £3.5k per month to smashing through the £8k per month in just a few short months, managing to pay off his car payment in full and stop stressing about money.

Redha Zertal Personal Trainer

9 new 1-1 clients on a new pricing structure worth £3411 / month


A few months back Redha was working in a commercial gym on Merseyside charging £20 per hour for PT sessions (and struggling to get that).

That was before he and his wife Yamina invested in our our 90 Day program. Here's what he had to say

Before we started working with you guys "we felt alone and isolated as business owners wondering if other trainers faced the same challenges."

On not being sure if it would work

"What would be like being with other trainers. Would we feel like the stupid ones who didn't get it? Would I feel embarrassed on a call? Whether it was worth the money."

On how we helped them and how they found the process

"You created an atmosphere where we knew we were all there to get better at what we did...and provided us with the guidance and drive we needed to make our businesses better."

So what did Redha achieve over the 90 day coaching program?

"We have got 9 new 1-2-1 clients on a new pricing structure worth £3411 a month.

We are now about to launch a new bootcamp as our 1-2-1 is full."

And how has Reda's (and family) life improved?

"We work much more effectively and can make decisions that are better for our business.

We are much happier, calmer and excited for the future, also having our weekends and evenings free is terrific."

Naomi Gibson Girls in Gloves

From Close To Quitting To 5 New Clients Booked in 2 Weeks


I was at rock bottom - I was really struggling to get in front of my target audience, flyering, Google Adwords just weren't working - I was broke and really scared! - I knew Facebook was a powerful tool but had absolutely no idea how to implement it and get leads. I saw an ad on Facebook which exactly described my situation - I finally got in touch and Liam called me as soon as I filled out the form and I knew within 5 minutes he and Matt could help!

Fast forward 2 weeks and I have 50 leads in my inbox PLUS 25 HOT leads. 5 of these are booked into my diary for next week. Matt & Liam are knowledgeable, understanding and genuinely want to help, for me this is the start of a life long partnership. I feel excited and happy about the future and cannot believe I was so close to quitting 2 weeks ago! I highly recommend them to PT's and fitness pros that want to create a sustainable business with quality leads and learn how to do this long term! I cannot thank the boys enough!