Get More Leads and Grow Your Fitness Business with The Accelerate Website & Marketing System

We help personal trainers, boutique gyms and fitness business owners attract thousands of new clients every year with our Accelerate lead generating websites and bespoke marketing system.

A Lead Generating Fitness Business Website PLUS A Bespoke Marketing Plan For You To Profit From

A Professional Lead Generating Fitness Business Website

Our Accelerate fitness business websites are built with a single goal in mind: To help personal trainers and fitness business owners grow by dramatically  attracting more leads and inquiries. When you invest in an Accelerate Website you'll receive a lead generating website to match your brand and your identity as a fitness business that gets amazing results for your clients

Unrivalled Helpand Support

Our expert fitness marketing team will provide you with our high converting content for your Accelerate website so you don't need to work out what to write.
Plus you don't have to worry  we also take care of all the techy stuff for you so you can get on with training your clients or running your fitness business.

Accelerate Growth with A Marketing Plan To Suit Your Fitness Business

Exclusive access to The Accelerate Fitness Marketing System.  Whether you're a personal trainer, bootcamp or boutique gym, you'll get a personal marketing plan to help you profit from your Accelerate website and attract a steady stream of leads and enquiries every day, giving you the opportunity to make more sales and grow your fitness business.

How Fitness Business Owners Are Profiting From The Accelerate Website & Marketing System

"More Leads Since Our Website Went Live"

"We are so glad we choose to work with Liam, Matt and their team. These guys offer so much more than web design. We were asked lots of questions and this helped us to work out who we wanted to work with and how to attract that clientele.


We were asked lots of questions and this helped us to work out who we wanted to work with and how to attract that clientele. We were also encouraged to consider what was unique about us and what we offer and this definitely comes across on our new website. Since the website has been live we have received more leads and even our existing members have commented on how brilliant it looks! Thank you for all your help. We will be recommending you to others."


"My Accelerate Website Generates Me More Leads and More Money"

"My accelerate website generates so many leads. Last month it generated 88 leads which is incredible plus so appealing to my ideal clients.


You guys have taught me that my clients have a problem and I have the solution and the way you have set up my website has put that across why is why I get me more leads. My website is also really friendly and makes clients feel they can relate to what I do and it's something they want to join.

If you're on the fence 100% go for it because of my Accelerate Website I getting more leads and earning more money from my fitness business."


From 0 to 52 New Small Group PT Clients in Just 12 Months

"I run a small PT business in Canary Wharf in London. I've been working with Liam and Matt for around 2 years

The biggest benefit for me is being able to convert people from website leads to cash in the bank in my business.


I've gone from generating nothing online to getting 52 new clients from my Accelerate Website in 2021

If you want to generate more leads and actually get more income in your business this 100% works really well"


Arrange A Call To Discover How We Can Help Your Fitness Business Get More Leads And Inquiries And Start Growing Your Fitness Business Today .

Accelerating Your  Fitness Business Growth With Our  4 Step Strategy


Arrange a Discovery Call With One of Our Experts

Talk to our fitness marketing experts about how you can start attracting more leads and clients into your fitness business.

We'll help you get clarity on your business goals, ideal clients and the marketing message to help you get fully booked faster than ever.


Answer A Few Simple Questions About Your Fitness Business

We'll ask about type of clients you want to attract, how your business operates, and the goals your current clients have. so we can help you move forward faster with a new lead generating website.


Our Team Design and Build Your New Lead Generating Website

Sit back and relax as our team create an amazing bespoke website designed around your fitness business.

No more wasting hours  working out what to write, because you'll get our tried, tested and proven step by step content system.


Activate Your Accelerate Fitness  Marketing Plan

Once we deliver your lead generating fitness business website all you need to do is activate our Accelerate Marketing plan to start collecting new leads and inquiries. Plus...our support team are here to help with the tech side if you get stuck  with 2 years of support including edits and changes.

Attract New Leads & Clients To
Your Fitness Business On Demand

The Accelerate Website and Marketing System was created with a a single goal in mind:

"To help fitness business owners and personal trainers attract quality leads and clients so they can grow their businesses with clients who are a great fit and willing to pay you what you and your team are worth as a coaches."

Accelerate is a tried, tested and proven system helping personal trainers and fitness businesses, just like you, get clear on their marketing and use their accelerate websites to attract new leads on a consistent and regular basis.

Fitness Business Websites Designed to
Grow Your Fitness Business

Every Accelerate fitness business website we deliver is built to help you grow your fitness business.
Our mission is to help you grow your fitness business so you can concentrate on serving clients and running your business instead of stressing about where your next client is coming from

Accelerate Website System
+ What's in The Box

+ Private 1-1 “Kickstart” Onboarding and Coaching Call
When you start working with us we'll help you create a marking message designed to show your potential clients why they should choose you to help them on their health and fitness journey over your competitors.

+ Accelerate Lead Generating  Website including Premium Plugins, Software and Sales Funnels
Including access to our high converting content examples written by our experience copywriters so you can use your new website to turn website visitors into hot leads ready to start training with you. Your new fitness business website also comes fully loaded with landing page templates and professional sales pages for you to use and copy.

+ Private Members only Facebook Community
Access to our private Facebook community of ambitions growth minded fitness business owners. Ask questions, get help and support from our team and over 120 other fitness business owners and coaches.

+ Fully Editable Landing Pages and Facebook Ad Templates
2 x Facebook Ad Compliant Landing Page Funnel Templates for you to use straightaway

+ 24 Months Peace of Mind with Website Hosting Care and Support
All our Accelerate Websites are looked after by our support team who take care  of everything you need to make sure you have a fully functioning website including, hosting, backups, security, updates.  Plus if you want we can even provide you with you with email addresses for you and your team at no extra cost. You'll also be able to ask our team to make website changes for you whenever you want.

+ Weekly Office Hours Website Support Call

Every week we invite you to a live call to support you with your new website or get answers to any marketing questions you have.


Accelerate Marketing System
+ What's In The Box

Accelerate Marketing Plan Membership SiteExclusive access to

+Done For You Follow Up Email Templates, Facebook Ad Copy and Seasonal Marketing Campaigns
When you invest in an Accelerate Website and Marketing Plan you'll also get exclusive access to our proven Facebook and Instagram Ad templates and Landing Pages. These are the same landing pages and ad we use with our private marketing  clients many of them attracting many hundreds of leads and inquiries every year.

+ Weekly Marketing Support Call
Every week you'll get an invite to our weekly marketing support call. You'll get access to the latest lead generating strategies and campaigns.

+ Quarterly 1-1 Coaching and Accountability Calls
The most successful fitness businesses grow when they have a plan in place to grow, which is why we includes a quarterly 1-1 planning and strategy call

+ Done For You Follow Up Email Templates
The fortune is in the follow up and there


+ Introducing The Accelerate CRM

When you invest in our Accelerate Website System you'll get exclusive access to our game changing lead management and email software at no extra cost allowing you to track your new leads and follow up using email and messaging. We'll even fully load it with follow up email templates for you meaning you'll never miss a lead again. Plus saving you money on third party email software.

Investing in The Accelerate fitness business website and marketing system you are guaranteeing your business stands out in an ever growing ocean of fitness businesses, while generating a steady steam of leads so you can make more sales and increase your profit.


Will I own the website once it's finished?

When you invest in an Accelerate Website we'll give you the option to pay for it upfront or spread the investment. Once it's paid in full it's 100% yours to do as you wish.

Can I see some examples of your websites?

100% you can see some examples on this page however our team have built over 300 websites for fitness businesses to date. Unfortunately we can't show them all on here but we'd love the opportunity to  demonstrate them to you. Please arrange a demo call with us and we'd be more than happy to share them with you and shar how they are performing for their clients.

I've been stung in the past by fitness marketing gurus and providers. How can I trust you to help me grow my business?

Firstly we've all seen the shady gurus in the fitness industry promising the earth, taking peoples hard earned money, failing to deliver on overinflated promises and then disappearing into the night. We've even been stung by a few of them in the past ourselves so we get it.  The truth is you don't get to stay in this business as long as we have unless you deliver on your promises. We're not promising you a six figure business overnight or a gazillion new customers in a week like many of the Facebook ads you might see every day. What we are promising you is a lead generating website for your fitness business and a marketing plan to help you grow at a pace that suits you and your business.

Arrange a No Obligation Discovery Call With A Fitness Business Website and Marketing Expert Today